MYWAY developer IT products specialized in karaoke.

A) OWN FRANCIS OUTLETS Now days, Myway Box and My Box .has reached the number of 26 Branches in whole Malaysia.

Most of the outlets are equipped with complete karaoke facilities, user-friendly touch screen devices. Rest assured that we have the latest songs provided all the time, high-fidelity audio-visuals systems and the best microphones to put everyone into the mood to the singer star.

B) PROJECT AND CORPORATE By focusing on providing highly enjoyable entertainment experiences, MYWAY has also help customers set up they own Karaoke KTV. By the way we are welcome our customers visit our exiting outlets in whole Malaysia also. We have determined to deliver the best entertainment products and service to our customers.

-More than 10 years Experience

-More than 100 outlets install in whole Malaysia

-More than 100,000 Songs list

-Myway Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd, have sign the agreement with RIM Digital Music Sdn. Bhd.
-For License reproduction of music video and karaoke recording (Home used and server-based computer for public KTV).

In addition we have pleasure work with PPM, MACP and Finas also. So that everyone at ease of use, do not have to worry about offending copyright issues, so that everyone can enjoy the clear picture and the authentic of sound quality, and also the latest pop songs. We always adhere to “the technology innovation as the soul, quality for our product.